New Paradigm Mayan Astrology for the New Millennium

At the ruins of Tonina, an ancient Mayan city in Chiapas Mexico, many secrets of Mayan astrology and cosmovision are recorded in stone.

Secrets of Mayan Astrology Recorded in Stone at Tonina Mexico

New Paradigm Mayan Astrology is the new model for practicing Mayan astrology.

More than an evolutionary model for the new millennium, New Paradigm Mayan Astrology is a revolutionary model that transcends the old model that has served us so well until now. I had the vision for this new paradigm in Guatemala in 2014, and have been exploring and expanding upon it for a year.

What is New Paradigm Mayan Astrology?

This model for practicing Mayan astrology and applying it to your daily life differs from the traditional model in several important ways. The old way of learning authentic Mayan astrology consisted of a pilgrimage to Guatemala or Mexico to study with a Mayan day keeper. One problem with the old way is that few of them agree on many important aspects of the 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar, often called the tzolkin. Anyone who has made the journey will attest to that.

So rather than rely on the teachings of one shaman or even those from a specific area, New Paradigm Mayan Astrology is founded on fusion. For too long people have depended pretty much on the Ki’che’ way, particularly the Ki’che’ of Momostenango and the Xela area in Guatemala. I am not disregarding their teachings, but do not accept them on faith alone as do far too many people who, as a result, become disciples rather than students.

By studying the teachings of other Maya day keepers such as the Kaqchikel and Tz’utujil, one begins to see what they do agree on and can fuse them into what I call New Paradigm Mayan Astrology. And no longer is a journey to the land of the Maya necessary, for more than a few excellent books on Mayan cosmovision have been written by Maya scholars in Guatemala, the Kaqchikel in particular. Of course, most of these books are available only in Guatemala and are written in Spanish, so a trip will be required unless one has friends down here who can locate and send the books to them.

The Problem with Oral Legacy

Everyone has played the kid’s game in which one person whispers a sentence to someone, who does the same, and by the time it reaches the tenth person, he or she says something completely different or at least wildly distorted out loud. This is one reason that various elders and day keepers do not concur on the meanings of some nahuales or how to do Mayan astrology charts and interpret them.

The new model considers words that have been carved into stone or written on fig bark paper, or even in eBooks today, to be far more significant and less prone to errors than oral legacy. The words of the Popul Vuh are just one example.

The Concept of Opposite Nahuales

All Maya and descendants of other ancient Mesoamericans agree that duality is a cornerstone of Mayan cosmovision and therefore of Mayan astrology. The concept of opposite nahuales is clearly in accord with this basic principle. Fore more on what I have learned about opposite nahuales since the concept

came to me during a personal ceremony at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in 2014, read my post about it on this blog.

These are two elements that distinguish the new paradigm from the old. Another is the emphasis on composite Mayan astrology, which provides even more information and details than merely considering a person’s day sign. For more deatils, read my FAQ (see link at top of page).

As I continue to research Maya cosmovision here in Guatemala and Mexico (Chiapas in particular), I will post more discoveries and insight here. You are invited to join me on this quest, which has only just begun.

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