FAQ: What is New Paradigm Mayan Astrology?

New paradigm Mayan astrology is the Mayan astrological system for what has been called the emerging “5D construct” or the “New Aeon.” Developed in the highlands of Guatemala in 2014, new paradigm Mayan astrology is the latest evolutionary stage of Mayan astrology, which has continually evolved for over 3,000 years.

The quatrefoil is a symbol for a flower, thus of Ajaw, the concept of beginning and end, and the four cardinal directions, among many others.

The quatrefoil is only one of several key symbols of ancient Mesoamerican cosmovision that have been virtually overlooked until now.

Rather than reinventing the astrological system based on the 260-day Sacred Calendar known as the Tzolkin, new paradigm Mayan astrology extends authentic Mayan astrology into new realms, transcending it by adding onto the old ways rather than leaving them behind. It’s like the way many ancient Mesoamericans built a new pyramid over an existing one from time to time.

How does New Paradigm Mayan Astrology differ from Traditional Mayan Astrology?

• 1. By finding new ways to utilize existing Mayan astrological techniques and apply them to one’s daily life and other things.

• 2. By researching new techniques, based on extensions of charts such as the Constellation.

• 3. By focusing on scientific method as much, if not more so, than oral legacy.

• 4. By keeping an open mind on the subject rather than blindly following dogma, regardless of its source.

• 5. By looking at the macrovision of Mayan astrology – the internal structure of the Tzolkin – as well as at the microvision, the concepts and meanings of the individual 20 nahuales and 13 numbers.

• 6. By viewing the 260-day Sacred Calendar as a Mesoamerican phenomenon more than strictly Maya, and considering the cosmovision and astrological systems of the Zapotecs, Olmecs and other Mesoamericans as well.

• 7. By focusing on the big picture of Mesoamerican cosmology and key concepts such as the quincunx, as much as on the 20 individual nahuales and the 13 sacred numbers.

• 8. By not claiming to possess all the answers, whether the source be a specific shaman, day keeper or scholar, Maya or not. This blog is all about the quest for answers, and you can help further this mission with comments and questions.

• 9. This line intentionally left blank.

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