Mundane Mayan Astrology: The Destiny of Nations and Future of the World

In Western and Vedic astrology, an astrologer can create a natal chart for a country in order to give guidance to world leaders or predict global events. A king might consider mundane astrology when scheduling a major action, anything from war to a royal wedding. Composite charts are used when studying the political situation involving two or more nations.


A nation’s natal chart and Sun sign are based on the date and time of the country’s founding. In some cases, a new chart is done to reflect a major change in the nation’s government, such as when Ayotollah Khomeini returned to power in Iran.

Mundane Mayan Astrology

Mundane Mayan astrology is an extension of mundane astrology as it was practiced by practiced by Raphael (the artist, not the Ninja Turtle) and other Western astrologers. I studied Raphael’s Mundane Astrology or the Effects of the Planets and Signs, Upon the Nations and Countries of the World and the works of other Western astrologers who specialized in mundane astrology during for my book, When the Comets Run, two years ago.

I did not learn about Mayan mundane astrology, or how to use it, from a Maya, non-Maya, not from shaman or scholar. This advanced element of new paradigm Mayan astrology is simply an application of one of Marshall McLuhan’s key principles, that of extension, to which I continue to devote considerable time to researching and experimenting with here in Guatemala.

It is along the lines of my discovery (or at least re-discovery) of using Mayan nahuales in political astrology, which during the USA’s presidential election in 2012 I employed to correctly pick the winners of three out of four primaries as well as of Obama’s reelection, all based solely on Mayan astrology. That was also when I got the idea of using this system to discover and interpret the nahuales of nations and world leader.

9 Corn, in the center, is the main nahual of the USA. 9 Corn is also Obama's day sign.

9 Corn, in the center, is the main nahual of the USA. 9 Corn is also Obama’s day sign.

Mundane Mayan Day Signs: Nahaules of Nations

The Mayan day signs for the following countries is based on dates that were verified with at least one other source. Where multiple founding dates were found, I provide both dates. In some cases, I will later  show why one of them appears to fit the current geopolitical situation.

Nahuales of the Nations
Nation Founding Date Mayan Day Sign
United States July 4, 1776 9 Corn
England/UK December 25, 1066 2 Net/Lizard
Germany January 18, 1871 11 Night
China October 11, 1949 10 Knife
Iran *February 1, 1979 3 Night
**April 1, 1979 10 Wind
* Khomeini returns to power
** Republic of Iran founded

The first thing that stood out when calculating these day signs was that the United States and President Barak Obama share the same sign, 9 Corn. My immediate interpretation was that regardless of Obama’s current disfavor with the public, his destiny in irretrievably entwined with that of the United States – and that he is not going to go away.

In a future post, I will provide the data for other countries and demonstrate the application of mundane Mayan astrology to ongoing geopolitical situations such as the Middle East.

Until then, here’s a link to some of my 2012 election predictions based on Mayan astrology: Mayan Political Astrology.


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