Composite Mayan Astrology for the Trecena of Jaguar (Ix)

Composite Mayan astrology, a standard tool of New Paradigm Mayan Astrology, provides another way to interpret the influence of the trecena ruler on days within its trecena. This is accomplished by combining the two day signs, 1 Jaguar and today’s day sign, 3 Vulture, to create a “double composite,” a day sign that represents their joint energies.

Today’s double composite day sign is 4 Dog. Consider the core meanings of Dog (guidance and authority) along with those of Vulture when assessing the energy of the day and how best to deal with it. The double composite may also show the best way to approach the energy and corresponding actions of the day sign of a date.

Double composites are most often used for relationship charts but have many other applications, such as scheduling activities and for political astrology. I will explain this concept in my next post.

The Trecena of Jaguar (Ix)

This table shows the day sign of each day in the current trecena of Jaguar (Ix) in September 2014.

Date Day Sign Double Composite Day Sign
September 16 1 Jaguar 2 Seed
September 17 2 Eagle 3 Water
September 18 3 Vulture 4 Dog
September 19 4 Earth 5 Monkey
September 20 5 Knife 6 Road
September 21 6 Storm 7 Corn
September 22 7 Sun 8 Jaguar
September 23 8 Crocodile 9 Eagle
September 24 9 Wind 10 Vulture/Owl
September 25 10 Night 11 Earth
September 26 11 Net/Rabbit 12 Knife
September 27 12 Snake 13 Storm
September 28 13 Death 1 Sun

Interpreting a Double Composite

Suppose a person wants to schedule a sales presentation. Eagle days are the best suited for business and money matter, but the meeting cannot be after September 17, which is the Eagle day of this trecena. So you look through the right column and find that September 23 is a double composite 9 Eagle, which is an even better day for business.

Also watch for double composites whose coefficient matches your own. All 5 days are worthy of special attention to all people who are 5 Sun, or any other nahual,

Triple Composite Mayan Day Signs

For the most important activities, you should do a triple composite by combining a double composite of the trecena ruler and a specific date’s day sign with your own day sign. Ideally, all three – the day sign of the date, the double composite, and the triple composite will all be favorable for the action in mind.

Composite Day Signs and Correspondences

Another way to use double or triple composites is to look for correspondences between them and your main day sign. If your main sign is 8 Sun, then October 5 is a day to pay close attention, as this correspondence on a double composite day could be a personal signal.

I’ll discuss triple composites in more detail when I post the double and triple composites for our next trecena, that of 1 Deer, which commences September 29.

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