Composite Mayan Astrology for the Trecena of 1 Deer (Kej or Manik)

One way to gauge the influence of the trecena ruler on the days within its trecena is to create a composite day sign that shows the combination of 1 Deer with each of the next 12 days. The following table provides the double composite day signs for the current trecena:

The Trecena of Deer (Kej or Manik)

This table shows the day sign of each day in the current trecena of Deer (Kej or Manik) in September-October 2014.

Date Day Sign Double Composite Day Sign
September 29 1 Deer 2 Jaguar
September 30 2 Seed 3 Eagle
October 1 3 Water 4 Vulture
October 2 4 Dog 5 Earth
October 3 5 Monkey 6 Knife
October 4 6 Road 7 Storm
October 5 7 Corn 8 Sun
October 6 8 Jaguar 9 Crocodile
October 7 9 Eagle 10 Wind
October 8 10 Vulture 11 Night
October 9 11 Earth 12 Net/Rabbit
October 10 12 Knife 13 Snake
October 11 13 Storm 1 Death

How to Use Composite Mayan Day Signs

These composites can be employed when scheduling important events. If planning a healing ceremony, October 10 makes a good day, as it is 12 Knife. But if you cannot do the ceremony on that date, then October 3, whose double composite is 6 Knife, is an alternative.

Another way to use double composites is to look for correspondences between them and your main day sign. If your main sign is 8 Sun, then October 5 is a day to pay close attention, as this correspondence could be a personal signal. You should also look for your opposite nahual in the list of double composites; your precise opposite will have the same coefficient as your main day sign, and is also very important.

When scheduling the most important events, you can also add your day sign’s coefficient and nahual to the double composite to obtain a triple composite.

In future posts, I will explain more using double and triple composites in several ways, including political astrology. Until then, see my other stories about trecena rulers, composite Mayan astrology and related topics at these sites or blogs:

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