About Shay Addams

Shay Addams began studying Mayan astrology, culture and civilization in 1963. He kept up with archaeological and anthropological discoveries in the field while working as one of the first computer journalists from 1979-1998 and writing fifteen books, such as The Official Book of Ultima, and innumerable magazine articles on the topic. Addams then moved to Central America  to focus on travel writing.

Shay Addams at the Olmec-Maya archaeological site of Takalik Abaj in northwest Guatemala.

Shay Addams at Takalik Abaj in Guatemala

In 2007 Addams moved to Guatemala in 2007 to continue his research fulltime in the land of the living Maya. His book The Mayan Calendar Users Guide: How to Apply Mayan Astrology in Your Daily Life was published 2011 and is presently being revised for a new edition.

Addams continues to study the spiritual cosmovision of the Maya and other ancient Mesoamerican people, and to practice Mayan astrology as a day keeper who not only performs readings but also seeks new ways to apply this esoteric knowledge. In 2012, four of his five predictions about various primaries and the Presidential election, all based solely on Mayan astrology, proved correct.

Shay Addams on the Road to the New Aeon

Following a visit to a sacred site at the Olmec-Maya ruins of Izapa in Chiapas, Mexico, Addams saw the time was right for a new vision of Mayan astrology for the “new aeon,” as some call it, and gradually developed new techniques based on logical extension of traditional methods such as the nine-nahual Constellation, which he has expanded to a full 33-nahual chart with explicit guidance for a person’s path through life. These techniques and more knowledge and insights are revealed to the world outside Guatemala for the first time on this blog.

Addams continues to conduct fieldwork at little-known Mesoamerican sites as well as to research and document the wisdom of the “old ones” in his ongoing effort to bring this knowledge to the world. Addams is now developing material for his next two books, one of which is about New Paradigm Mayan Astrology for advanced students.


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Mayan astrology book by Shay Addams tells how to apply Mayan astrology to your daily life.

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