Mayan Composite Astrology for the Trecena of 1 Sun

By combining the day sign of a specific date, often called the Lord of the Day, with that of the trecena ruler, a composite day sign can provide further guidance on how to deal with the day’s energy. This is an advanced technique of New Paradigm Mayan Astrology.

The quatrefoil is a symbol for a flower, thus of Ajaw, the concept of beginning and end, and the four cardinal directions, among many others.

The quatrefoil, which may be the basis of the flower meaning on the nahual Sun, is one of several key symbols of ancient Mesoamerican cosmovision that have been virtually overlooked until now.

The Trecena of Sun

A Sun trecena can be unusually intense, as Sun illuminates and brings things into the light. This is true for any day ruled by Sun. However, the effect is even stronger during this trecena because Sun combined with any other nahual results in the other nahual. For example, Sun plus Snake leads to Snake as the double composite. This is useful from analyzing relationships as well as many other things. Sun is the only nahual whose composite with another nahual is the other nahual.

Another effect of double composites during a Sun trecena is that the nahuales are in their purest form throughout the 260 days of the Sacred Calendar, or tzolkin.

Triple Composite Day Signs

Due to this unique property of Sun, there is no need to create a triple composite that factors in your day sign. The triple day sign will have the same nahual as the double day sign; only the coefficient changes, unless a nahual is combined with 13 Sun, which adds up to the precise day sign of the other person or date.

The Trecena of Sun (Ajpu or Ahau)

This table shows the day sign of each day in the current trecena of Sun (Kej or Manik), which runs from October 12-24, 2014.

Date Day Sign Double Composite Day Sign
October 12 1 Sun 2 Sun
October 13 2 Crocodile 3 Crocodile
October 14 3 Wind 4 Wind
October 15 4 Night 5 Night
October 16 5 Net/Lizard 6 Net/Lizard
October 17 6 Snake 7 Snake
October 18 7 Death 8 Death
October 19 8 Deer 9 Deer
October 20 9 Seed/Rabbit 10 Seed/Rabbit
October 21 10 Water 11 Water
October 22 11 Dog 12 Dog
October 23 12 Monkey 13 Monkey
October 24 13 Road 1 Road

How to Interpret Double Composite Day Signs in Mayan Astrology

Look for your nahual in the third column. If a double composite that is your nahual occurs, pay close attention to that date. My previous posts on other trecenas provide more ways to interpret double and triple composite day signs.

Two dates stand out during this trecena. The first day, 1 Sun, combines with the trecena ruler, 1 Sun, leading to the double composite of 2 Sun. This might prove significant on a global basis, because according to the Grand Wayeb, the current Year Bearer is 2 Sun. So watch for major international events and incidents throughout this trecena.

Sun could shed light on what happened to North Korean Dictator for Life, Kim Jong Un, who has not been seen in more than a month. This possibility is underscored by another meaning of Sun, which is ruler and authority. And the current Year Bearer, 2 Sun, is a double composite.

11 Dog on October 22 might also see negative events, as 11 can mean chaos and Dog is often a troublesome nahual on its own. The preceding day’s sign, 10 Water, might also indicate problems.


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